Almond flour – 500g


We love almonds for breakfast, as as snack, seeing them in pictures, but especially – in cakes. But not only as a additional ingredient, or by no means, as a accessory for a photo, but rather as a main ingredient. In the form of a flour it spreads its taste throughout the whole baked product and wins us over with its texture and delicious smell. The luscious and nutty taste remains intact after the grinding, as well as its nutritive benefits.
It doesn’t contain gluten, so it’s suitable for all gluten-free diets, but, let’s be real, it’s so delicious that everyone loves it.

In the traditional western diet it is becoming increasingly harder to find a source of dietary fibers, which help the digestion and feed the probiotics. Almonds, actually stone fruits, are a rich source of those fibers, but also minerals and vitamins, such as manganese, magnesium, copper, phosphorus and vitamin E.

It is exactly the vitamin E, a natural antioxidant, in combination with monounsaturated fatty acids, that help reduce the risk of cardiovascular arrest by 45%, and with regular intake, the blood sugar level are also being regulated (almonds prevent the sudden blood sugar surge!)

– prevention of heart-attacks and strokes
– regulation of blood sugar levels
– improves the nervous system
– helps with losing weight
– prevents the formation of gallstones
– great source of proteins, healthy fats, vitamins and minerals

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