Hazelnut flour – 500g


„If only there were a bread that didn’t have so many carbs, but still was delicious,“ people said, and Mother Nature delivered and gave su – hazelnut flour.
Not many carbohydrates, a lot of protein and the sweet taste are the reasons why we love this flour.
Mix 20% of hazelnut flour with 80% of your base flour, combine it with a little milk, baking powder and love, and there you have it – a delicious treat!

Hazelnuts, rich in flavours and calories, are widely known as the ingredients of many sweets, cakes and spreads.
They help with memory problems, slow down the aging process, strengthen the immunity and are simply – tasty.
Use it to prevent cardiovascular diseases, tumors, to lower the blood pressure and for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes.

Very rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E (which is a natural antioxidant) and folic acid, hazelnut products have the following beneficial effects on your health:

– prevent cardiovascular dieseases
– reduces the risk of tumors
– improves memory and mental capabilities
– reduces cholesterol
– strengthens the immunity
– helps a healthy development of the fetus

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