Thistle flour – 500g


Bread is often disregarded. For some it is a part of every meal, for others it is something to be avoided at all costs. However, the time has come to pay bread a bit more attention, especiall now when you can find more and more unusual types that are made by combining a „regular“ flour with – an unusual one.
Thistle bread is made with 80% of base flour and 20% of thistle flour. With that ratio, only 2 slices a day have the recommended dose of thistle that is needed for the detoxication of the liver.

Thistle, except in nature, can be found on the national emblem of Scottland.
The oil consists of over 65% of polyunsaturated fatty acids (2% omega-3 and 62% omega-6), over 22% of oleic accid and very little of saturated fatty acids.
We love it because of the optimal amount of silymarin and plenty of vitamin E.
It is used in the prevention of liver diseases and the detoxication of liver, and the active ingredient silymarin is proven to regenerate the liver’s cells and help their growth

– regenerates liver cells
– regulates the digestion and helps with constipation
– strengthens blood vessels (helps with migraines, dizziness and low blood pressure)
– increases milk supply for nursing mothers
– cures allergies and rhinitis caused by pollen

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