Honey creme with turmeric – 500g


You are certainly familiar with turmeric from your trip to India, Thailand or local Asian restaurant. Aside from cooking, turmeric is increasingly being used for its many health benefits – from strengthening the digestive system to blood, liver and gallbladder detoxication
That all is old news in India and south Asia, but recently the West is getting more familiar with turmeric’s beneficial effects, and since the end of the 20th century, it has started its integration into our kitchens

Curcumin, which can be found in this spice, is proven to help with Alzheimer’s disease. Other than that, it is a natural antioxidant and has major anti-inflammatory effects

– strengthens the digestion
– detoxifies the liver and gallbladder
– detoxifies the blood
– helps with menstrual problems
– reduces arthritis and inflammations
– helps with problematic skin
– antifungal and antibacterial effects
– agains intestinal parasites

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Honey cremes are treats you can eat as spreads with a piece of bread, or on pancakes, but they are also a delicious dessert you can eat with only a spoon.

With our big choice of added ingredients, you can choose, according to your needs, different flavours, attributes and effects our honey cremes have.

The creamy structure of this spread is achieved by the crystallisation of honey, which doesn’t change the honey’s natural structure, and the added ingredients keep their beneficial effects for much longer.


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