Flaxseed oil cold pressed 250 ml


WHY FLAXSEED Flaxseeds, yogurt, your breakfast to-go is ready! Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins, calcium, copper, iron, zinc, sodium and a whole spectre of other minerals, but to get the most of them, the seeds should be crushed before consummation. Why not make it easier for yourself then and simply use – the oil? BENEFICIAL EFFECTS According to research, flaxseeds have curative effects on cancer cells, the heart, urinary system, but also beneficial effects for the skin – it cures eczema, psoriasis and gives the skin a glowing effect. It affects: – cancer cells, especially for breast cancer, ovarian cancer and prostate cancer – the brain and prevents strokes – heart diseases, it especially prevents heart attacks – prostatic hypertrophy – bladder infections – formation of gallstones – digestion (flaxseeds are laxatives) – menopause symptoms – arthritis and join pains – fat metabolism in the body – eczema symptoms, psoriasis, acne and skin in general – dry skin and sun sensitivity

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Our oils are made by the cold press method. It is quite self-explanatory, the process happens on low temperatures, so oils that are made this way are not recommended to be used for frying and roasting. As opposed to refined oils, cold pressed oil keep most of the nutrients you find in the seeds, and therefore have a better and more natural taste, smell and colour.

Flaxseed oil has had its place in our kitchen shelves for a long time now. It is used as a salad oil because it becomes unstable in higher temperatures, and loses its nutrients and beneficial effects on the body. For best effects on the health it is consummated with food, and for its cosmetic uses, it is applied directly to the skin.


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