Hazelnut oil cold pressed 250 ml


WHY HAZELNUT Hazelnuts, rich in flavours and calories, are widely known as the ingredients of many sweets, cakes and spreads. They help with memory problems, slow down the aging process, strengthen the immunity and are simply – tasty. Use it to prevent cardiovascular diseases, tumors, to lower the blood pressure and for the prevention of heart attacks and strokes. BENEFICIAL EFFECTS Very rich in antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E (which is a natural antioxidant) and folic acid, hazelnut products have the following beneficial effects on your health: – prevent cardiovascular dieseases – reduces the risk of tumors – improves memory and mental capabilities – reduces cholesterol – strengthens the immunity – helps a healthy development of the fetus

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Our oils are made by the cold press method. It is quite self-explanatory, the process happens on low temperatures, so oils that are made this way are not recommended to be used for frying and roasting. As opposed to refined oils, cold pressed oil keep most of the nutrients you find in the seeds, and therefore have a better and more natural taste, smell and colour.

Cold pressed hazelnut oil has a gold-yellowish colour, a sweet taste, and many micro and macro nutrients, from proteins to vitamins and minerals.

Add a few spoonfuls daily to your meals, without heat-treatment, and wait a few weeks to see the effects hazelnut oil will have on your whole body!



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