Black Cumin Breakfast Bowl by Cukar

Our Andrea is preparing for her vacation and she promised only to rest and relax from work. That’s why she thought of this simple and quick, but nutritious and delicious breakfast, which will freshen up your mornings even when the Mercury in the thermometer hits 30 °C.

OK, that probably doesn’t happen around 7 am, when people usually eat breakfast, but we decided that when you’re on vacation, sleeping until 10 is acceptable and welcome, and breakfast is a meal for the whole day. 

jogurt, crni kim, doručak
medeme kreme s dodacima kurkume, crnog kima i kakaa
jogurt, crni kim, doručak
👩‍🍳:Andrea Cukrov - Cukar
🕖:15 minutes
🍽:one person

You'll need:

1                   greek yogurt

1 tsp.            of our Honey Creme with Black Cumin


                     cashew nuts


2-3               mint leaves

When you get everything, then:

Add the honey cream and the yogurt to a bowl and mix thoroughly, then add raspberries, cashew nuts and raisins. Decorate with a couple of mint leaves.

Bon appetit!