Fast and Delicious Fit Raspberry Cheesecake

When you’re on your way to meet up with friends on a Sunday, and you’re passing next to the farmer’s market you never visit, you know what – make a stop there, go buy those end of season raspberries. It’s the last of them until next year. Next to the old lady selling them will probably be someone selling cheese and dairy products, there you can find cottage cheese, that you’ll need later. And the oil, flour and honey cremes you can find in our web shop.

And then you have it – everything you need to make this delicious, refreshing cheesecake. That’s how our Olja made this recipe, only she already had her Letifico products ready and in her kitchen.

Check out the recipe down bellow!

Preheat your oven to 180 °C.

Mix all the cake ingrediens in a bow, except the almond milk. Add it last, gradually, until you get a compact mixture.

Cover your cake pan with parchment paper and pour in the mix. Bake the cake in the oven for 10 minutes.

In the meantime, mix all the ingredients for the filling.

When the cake is done, pour the cheese filling over it. Put it back in the oven for another 30 minutes.

Put the frozen raspberries into a pot on the stovetop and add to it 4 teaspoons of stevia. Mash them with a fork while cooking, and when they’re at a boil, add two tablespoons of cornstarch and reduce it on low heat.  

When everything’s done, pour the topping on top of the cake and cheese filling that you’ve taken out of the oven, let cool and then put everything into the fridge for a couple of hours. That’s it!

👩‍🍳:Olja Brkljač - Olja's Kitchen
🕖:60 minutes
〽:medium demanding
🍽:6 persons

You'll need:


30 g                       oat flour
30 g                       Letifico Hazelnut Flour
2 tbsp.                  cocoa
2 tbsp.                  chia seeds
20 g                       chopped hazelnuts
2 tbsp.                  Letifico Hazelnut oil
2 tbsp.                  peanut  butter
2 tsp.                     Letifico Honey Creme with Cocoa
almond milk (add gradually until the cake mix is compact)


500 g                     cottage cheese (creamy)
2                             egg whites
2 scoops               vanilla flavoured whey protein


500 g                     frozen raspberries
4 tsp.                     stevia
2 tbsp.                  cornstarch