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Fast and Delicious Fit Raspberry Cheesecake

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When you’re on your way to meet up with friends on a Sunday, and you’re passing next to the farmer’s market you never visit, you know what – make a stop there, go buy those end of season raspberries. It’s the last of them until next year. Next to the old lady selling them will […]

Sicher Cake: Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

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You must have heard of the Sacher cake, the famous Viennese desert. This cake, although its ingredients are quite different, bears a similar name – Sicher cake, which would translate to Safe cake. Because making a chocolate-hazelnut cake is playing it safe: everybody from the kids to the grandparents love it, it looks amazing and […]

Banana Bread: Lactose-free, Sugar-free, Problem-free

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If you woke up this morning thinking, “If only I had the recipe for a delicious and juicy cake without dairy products and refined sugars” – do not worry, our Renata has prepared for you a chocolate banana bread with Letifico hazelnuts and roasted flour. Finished in 60 minutes, this cake is great as a tasty […]